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Thoughts "O REALLY"


There have been so many lectures of the lecturers teaching how and why to avoid “thought or thinking” elaborating further what are the consequences of if this virtue, said to be human intelligence, can lead to a certain type of turmoil which hence leads forth to all kinds of problems, right starting from depression, Alzheimer’s, cancer, but what has been missing is the cause of this “thinking”, why and where does it comes into being and takes to be relevant, for which lets plunge and dig up, both author and its readers, to excavate what is it which triggers this thought, but just before we both start this exercise, lets draw a deuce in understanding “thinking”, what is it which qualifies to be a “thought”?

As per the grammatical evaluation of word “thought” and also as experienced by the author, it is the resultant of some event, emotion which is being understood or deduced by the observer (which is you in this case, just for the sake of example the author has mentioned the “you”) and this observation is in context with your own understanding (which is unlikely to be universal) and thus there is “thinking or thought” which further takes its bearer ( you) to another of its kind which leads to another and another and there is never unending spree, till the time this thought is countered or over shadowed by another thought, needless to mention, that too has emerged from some another event, which is relatively more proportional than the previous one, but irrespective of which is more synonymous to the life of the observer, but it is just an deduction/comprehension/ resultant, as calculated by the observer in its own parameters. Like you go to buy chicken, the butcher cuts the throat of the chicken and rips of the wings and skin of the chicken, for you its the main ingredient of the delicacy but for a person who is vegan, this is an act of brutality, one act two different thoughts, this is mentioned to just put across the point in more sincere and sublime manner.

As we have agreed to our mutual definition and understanding of “thought”, now lets plunge and excavate the reasons for this to be emerging and why and what it does which makes it a “taboo” for happy living ,well even thats a thought, and not having this “thought” is also a thought which has been implanted by someone else’s lecture, the author abstaining itself to lay another “thought” in the mind of its readers whether the “thought” of not having any “thought” was “thought worthy” or not, would just toe the line of why it is there.

There are so many events why happen in each and everyones life, which if not deduced are just events, and are neither good or bad, but is just an expression of the enacting energies, like the flow of wind, which is welcomed during summers and avoided during winters (even this emotion is due to thought, that cold winds in winters may make you sick), but understanding the art of survival has led to this “thought”, if this is taken off from the calculations, it is just expression of the energy, wind energy in case enlisted. Lets take it further to the molecular levels of events which are always happening in day to day life, like its not the trash which gives birth of the house being dirty or untidy but its placement, trash in trash bin is ok “thought” but same trash spread across the room leads to bad “thought”, you have a better salary hike than your colleagues is good “thought” but you not having the promotion is a bad one, so on and so forth, the understanding/comprehension/deduction of the expression is individual specific and so is the activation of the nature of thoughts. Which makes us reach to the point where we both, author and its readers, can agree that thoughts are just how the event sits in your taste, so in order to have a life which is devoid of stress and anxiety and other unnatural issues, the concept of not having thoughts is being promulgated, and may be, this could be the reason why the birth of some god (invisible of course) was also introduced into the society, so that the reasoning and remorse of not having a thing is countered with the faith ( which leads to excretion of certain healthy hormones within the body) so that the individuals constituting the society don’t deduce any event as ultimate and take it as just a “part” of the cyclic process, which is bound to alter its presentation after passage of time?


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