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Silence is the key


There are many a teachings floating around with numerous concepts as logics for undertaking brain exercises, often and wrongly connoted as meditation, but never the less a very pivotal step towards achieving meditating state. Lets we plunge and find out what is it and what all the things which are required to make the brain reach a stage where it is beyond the perils of the senses and body, and becomes eternal.

Apart from the various postures, all of the primitive ones have scientific logics to be what they are as in a certain bending there are specific energy points within the body which get stimulated and hence are activated to yield results, but in addition to the postures the most regal thing (which fortunately hasn’t been flaunted or altered) is the essence of “silence”. Silence which is not only confined to the utterance of the words but is also equally important to make any and all kind of thoughts to be put at hault, there aren’t any emotions which are resultant of any event or happening in the surrounding which means the body and its system divorces itself from the ambience and its effects, quite similar to when you go to watch a movie, you are into sequel of the movie, and the brain and the body takes all whats being projected on the screen as real and it reacts by the change of the emotion with the change of the scene, likewise eyes are asked to be shut so that its all black (as is the case in a theatre or cinema hall, where all the lights are put off before the start of the drama or movie) so that you entire emphasis of response changes from vision based to feel, and when you are able to cordon off yourself from the sounds, vision and corresponding reactions of the body to either or all of them, then the state of only “me” is achieved.

As what we have discussed in the above paragraph the various reasons of why eyes are shut and how that helps in stimulating those dormant parts of the brain, which are necessary for the social well being of the individual, now lets take a leap further, and take into account the relevance of silence, as why it has to be maintained during this exercise. Brain by its natural attribution is habitual to be non observant, lazy or resting, and for this it takes the path of taking the pentimento route, and in this nostalgic path the events of the past or the contemplations of the future events are deduced or the benefits are calculated, and when it (the brain) is doing so it is into the rest period as it is away from the present and what all is happening with and to it in the present are being ignored and go unregistered. To stop the brain from thinking, and stop the self talking, silence is mentioned to be maintained so that there is maximum observation, as during academic years one often comes across the lambasting statement from the teacher, how will you know or learn when you are talking all this while, which also establishes that there can be no observation if there is talking happening alongside, this talking can be with another person or self talking, irrespective of the nature of the talk, its damaging or hinderance for any observation to incur.

Its during the state of complete silence, that you are connected within yourself and enhance your social virtues and your ability to carry yourself in the society would be refined, it is nothing to do with spiritual or meditation but is a very good exercise to extrapolate the unknown and hidden provers.


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