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Stable Solace


My acumen is better than the other, is the common physiology of all humans and endorsing or establishing the statement of the other to be true or false is entirely based upon if it satisfies your ingeniously cropped logics or not more relevant in case of spiritual path than the modern methodology, but in either of the cases, its “hearsay” evidence, as all the patients who get admitted into the hospital don’t come out alive and healthy, there are equal number of cases of dead to the ones who are lucky to step out treated. Carrying on with my acumen is better than the other, the author also lays his script of the reality of the energies as conceived by it, its correctness would depend upon wether, we both, the author and reader have bred the same school of thought, but anyways not shying away from mentioning it (what the author through its experience seemingly has gathered) to be true, lets debate on why solace is short lived?

Solace is always there, but the wants and desires which act upon the object (the emotions and physical body) tend to shadow that emotion to lay its impact upon your comprehension makes the sense in a murky state, its quite similar to daytime during rainy season, when sun is there in all of its glory but the clouds have shadowed its glory but couldn’t completely block its light, and when they do then its night during day hours, which can be expressed as “depression” ailment when the person has the ability to overcome its fears but somehow doesn’t ventures into to overcome them, but yet not taking away the "benediction" of this darkness which has been blocking the vision (towards the future), this leads you realise the undiscovered virtues within you, as darkness of the night is the only possibility to see the glory of "stars", as the stars are always dwindling in the sky but their existence is over shadowed by the brilliance of "Sun", plunging further, its not always true the sun is more brilliant in its can also be true as its closest among the other stars its shine is dominating, likewise, there are immense possibilities which somehow remain unacknowledged as the vision has been overtaken "sight".

Yoga (not the physical twisting of the body) is a great way, as enshrined and described in vedas (whose authenticity is also individual based, if verses suit or fit as per your purview then correct else a myth) in which a certain breathing measures are adopted and the breath (in large proportion is gathered in and around specific organs) which is established to heal the ailment as it stimulates the specific organ unblocking the restrain due to which the body was unable to produce chemicals who would lead to healing. Like in case of malefic mars or in other terms low in confidence, the person is made to take the concentration on specific portions of the large intestine and kidneys,(the author would like to mention word of caution this exercise to be undertaken under experts supervision only) and after a certain time frame, the confidence of the person improves which is also reflected physically, as the person gets less tired, not constupated and the cracks and/ or foul smell from the feet is over. Alike are measures for healing other physical ailments, but author refrains from mentioning as enthusiast may try without really getting into the details of how, when and where to undertake any or all of them.

With the availability of the logics/reasons for undertaking Yoga (the vowel "a" was added in 17 century, when the physical postures were disintegrated from regime which in original was meant taking brain and body as one unit) it is fairly conceived as something related to a specific religion and faith. The fairness and austerity of life remains the same with each and every individual (as life is a natural thing), the variables are only to conduct itself (while living or disposing the body post death).

Solace can have a sustained and stable existence with you, provided you are able to live your life as an individual and not associate your life on the planks of what others have or have achieved.


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