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AURA Analysis


Aura is the reflection of the energy within, and this concept of lately, has been very popular with the people, there has been a quest to understand ones aura value and then adopt measures of refining it better. Aura, is basically of two colours, black and white, and in between these two colour there are numerous shades, which evolve due to the present conceptualisation of the mood, inner circle, outer circle( the kind of company with which the person lives, interacts, the food which the person is consuming) and performance of the individual under varying circumstances. This aura being a reflection of the comfort level of the person is within itself also does determine on the future abstracts of the course of life of the individual, like what all issues the individual may experience and witness, but it wont be wrong to mention, aura, is quite susceptible for alteration, and following a defined set of path or schedule the aura of the individual is possible to be changed. Demographically aura analysis has also been introduced by the scope of gadgets, but the author would recluse itself on mentioning or condoning this way of analysis, whereas aura analysis as done by the Vedic systems, emphasise on the response of the Anahata Chakra or Heart chakra (as connoted in English language), its the energy residing just adjacent to your heart, which is the defining force on how the spectrum of the energies in the other systems ( organs) within the body are manifesting, the author would go further to state that anahata chakra is the source or driving force for the rest of the presentation (the physical body).

Anahata chakra, is governed and governs emotions of the person, if blocked often leads the individual to a state of despair, like depression, suicidal tendencies, introvert and such physical issues, but if it in healthy state there isn’t any doubt with the person and there is always a sense a being of happiness ( which is devoid of reasons, like money or synonyms virtues). Vedas apart from mentioning on how to analyse the anahata chakra visibly, which is by concentrating on the chest portion of the person and see the emitting waves/heat ( which if not possible due to lack in concentration of the analyst, can be checked by the smell of sweat in the chest or under arms, if pungent or smelly it can be said the chakra to be blocked) or the same is done by evaluating moon in the astrological chart of the individual, but in either of the above mentioned analytical modes, a certain degrees of expertise is paramount.


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