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Taking control of your own energies


All the masters teaching well being, meditation or zen have been articulating on how one should curb the urge of having money, wealth or societal status as they all are “futile and irrelevant” which comes in the foot note of their speech or write ups, which leads the author to the question if having money and wealth and societal status was such a waste then why are these teachers/masters travelling around the world and why are the building big mansions in the name of meditation centres? Well the author has no reservations in admitting that it has never got a message, what app message, e mail or any kind of communique from the almighty that it should go an propagate self well being to the people which the other orators may have got, so the author always takes narrating the exercises of inner well being as a professional undertaking. The author feels like the doctors heal the patient from the ailment and provide relief from the pain, have no qualms to charge for extending their professional virtues, likewise people who are extending inner well being, by adopting a different methodology, shouldn’t behave in a godly manner, but instead should be straight to admit that this is a profession and there is a charge for it. It isn’t that they don’t charge, but the manner in which it is being charged is the contentious one. In the east there have been many seers who denounced everything like Tulsidas, Kabirdas, Baba Nanak, Baba Farid or Buddha for that matter who propagated peace and tranquility around but didnt charge or built mansions to their names.

Anyhow the author not undermining the contribution of these masters to the human race by extending their virtues and understandings of the concepts, is returning back to the topic which is how to gain control over your energies. To disassociate oneself from the allurements is definitely a positive thing, but to approach from the wrong end often leads the pupil in a lurch in despair, first having the control over the energies which are responsible for these or any kind of urge to pop up is necessary before trying to cap them, its like, one can build the enclosure for the lion after having the lion, the area needs to be fenced first before introducing the lion into it, like wise having the control over the energies is first step before knowing how and where to stop.

There are very specific methods as enshrined in the vedas for curbing these energies, which are definitely fruitful if undertaken a supervisor who has knowledge about them, but for the benefit of the readers who don’t have access over for such a supervisor, a brisk walk in the morning just around dawn, would be immense help as it would regulate and stimulate the energy centres within the body at least to the level where the performance of the individual would increase, if not enhance.


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