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How to Time Travel


The ability to time travel has always been sought out virtue by almost all the aspirants of meditation, and wether the teacher/master possesses the virtue of being able to time travel, the author is of the view that each one of you has this ability to travel the times surprised is it? Lets try and understand this, by virtue of examples which are integral part of your daily life, and for this lets hold each other and walk this path till there is sharing of acumen and ideas which would associate you with yourself in a better form, to and from the author (“to” reflects that author is the first reader of its own article).

Before taking the walk together, lets first divorce any and all the things which the fellow readers are engaged into and onto, as morning walk in silence is best likewise walking with your own unknown virtue would be best if in solace. Do you remember a great moment which happened around a month, year or decade ago and then lets try and remember some incident which was not good, some incident which is more appropriately described as “accident/ tormenting”………have you undertaken the above mentioned exercise?

If yes, lets take the next step in our walking date, how did you feel when you revisited those two different situations, were you able to feel the charm during the visit in merry times and were you able to relive that fear/ anxiety during your visit to the situations which weren’t acceptable or progressive? The author would suggest that the reader answers, before scrolling to the next paragraph.

As you have revisited the incidents and the situations of the past, which is a new forum a different time frame then where you are right now, isn’t this “time travel” itself? During our walk now we have reached a juncture a cross road, from where either we can divorce our association and get back to where our deductions (understandings based on the concepts promulgated by some other author or speaker, which the divorcing mate feels is/was better than this one). But the author continues the scribbling of its acumen thinking it is still in company of fellow readers, and expressing a first step of disconnecting form the past and connecting with “NOW” .

There are numerous number of prints and lectures available on what is the power of now and what all the benefits of being in the present, its quite similar knowing someone who has made to be popular, but how to be there in order to have that popularity to your own credit is the key. Its not as easy as three or five step course, but how to develop that grace/fire/energy, the author suggests a few measures:

  1. stand on even floor, and then lift your foot off the ground (any foot, may it be left or right) and hold it there, now repeat the exercise and you have balanced your body on one leg and now close both your eyes…….did you fall or misbalanced? If yes, then you aren’t in the present as your balance of your entire being is based upon emotions where e=external +motions, which means till the time you were able to connect with those external motions with your eyes being open you were managing to balance yourself on one leg, but when that connection is snapped…….off you go.

  2. Lit up a candle in place where light from the candle is most dominating, and focus on it, get into the wick of the candle observe and absorb each and every movement of the candle wick, hold yourself there for a certain and comfortable time frame, and now close your eyes are you still able to feel the movement of the wick? If not, then repeat till you are, and just in order that your observation doesn’t slips into hallucination, record the entire exercise and evaluate yourself.

If you undertake any of the above mentioned exercise, you shall be able to think what you want to and hence have what you desire, if not the world at least you and your emotions would be as per your wish, which is great thing, as before someone else defeating you its you who concede the defeat within.


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