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Where the observer becomes the observed


The concepts and the postulates of meditation as enshrined and promulgated in the vedas is when the periphery of the “observer and the observed” is demolished, which can be deduced as, when there is no generation of any emotion post the meditation, neither agony, stress or bliss (as all of these are after effects or using more common corollary “emotions”), which unfortunately isn’t the way the profound is being projected, anyhow that is not the subject of the article and the author very diligently recluses itself from portraying its thoughts, but would definitely would like its readers to ponder, what is it which felt blissed and what did it “witness” which led to feel blissed? Even if there is an answer, if that sums up it all, as what has witnessed the scene is an different entity than the scene, isn’t it?

Resting with the comprehension (which again is an emotion driven statement based on someone else, in this case its you, my reader) would have understood the innuendos as illustrated above about “meditation”, we both (the reader and the author) can walk further on the path and ponder what is it one needs to do for the thing which infact doesn’t requires any effort. Why the author says so? Effort or endeavour is an exercise which requires at least “two” to complete the formation and result to be achieved, but in meditation, several participants are blended into “one”, and the resultant is totally a new product which has no semblance with the constituents, and in homogenous form (sugar/salt in water, once dissolved cant be distinguished separately, and one aiding the other, water providing viscosity and sugar/salt contributing taste).

Meditation is an art in which the carrier and the dweller form unity, the body and its life energies are made to reach a point at which the energies drive the life, instead of they been driven by the emotions generated by the body. There is no feel or sense of neither the body nor how the energy is behaving within it, the sense of no-thing-ness is prudent, as this is the primary stage where matter doesn’t “matter”. The author would like to submit to its readers to reach this stage where the aspirant can blend into “no-thing-ness”, a certain undertakings of procedures in which both the body and the energies are activated to a certain degree where they both are ready/ strong enough to be in that state.

For reaching the above mentioned state, certain rules governing the body, like fasting, discipled eating, body exercises (commonly known as yoga, but the author doesn’t subscribes to the use of yoga for physical postures or posturing) and several procedures of channelising the energies like inner sound hearing, mantras (external sound generating) are done in tandem and in prescribed manner, proscribing any of these would end up as futile endeavour. There are many schools for describing the above, and which among them to choose is entirely an individuals prerogative, but the author would just like to advice, of not sticking or holding on with the process but take it as one step which has to be complemented with another, else the movement is halted, and motion is synonymous of life, as to be stationary is to death.


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