Sound the key to well being



The concepts of religion as the times when they were originally conceptualised and then expressed by the means of teachings from one to another, were a profound set of defined procedures in which the planks were on energy, in solitary and in combination with one expression of energy in respect to another, union, yoga which was the corollary used to define it, but unfortunately the concepts during its course of transmission from one person (teacher/guru) to another (pupil) lost its basic essence but trickled down as meanings, which further deteriorated as this process continued and the deductions of the inconceivable (sound) translated into words/language(s) reliant upon the geographical and nature of the audience, and as the essence lost it texture during the passing on stage, almost all of its sense/reason was also lost, this provides an answer to the author as to why the concept of religion is somewhat assimilated as “superstition”.

The author through this article is not trying to portray to be adduce you with quotient of solving the cosmos, but the measure of this endeavour is making you assimilate how, what and why the energy within the perils of your skeleton is behaving, and it is this savvy which shall guide you to have and experience you being “living” which is even independent from the impressions of inhale and exhale, if breath is taken as the sole criterion of being alive, which is true.

The process of meditation, is not an concentration exercise, but is a process in which the fathom of sound ( i.e. the result when two or more expressions of energy are engaged) to the mow where just the energy without its expression being assimilating being devoid of circumventing peripherals ( as even the sound has a break), is what the process or concept of meditation has been originally was, but by the virtues of passing on and in most of the instances, passing on without undertaking or mustering it which probably could have led to its present deteriorated form, but anyhow that’s beyond the ethos of the articles and realms of the author. The concepts of sound is not new or superstition, doctor putting the stethoscope on the chest use of ultra sound, angiography are examples of how sound is being used in the present days too, the author doesn’t intends to certify its knowledge by quoting the above, but the intent was just to clear the smog of doubt ( if any) with its readers.

Each of our organs when performing in the body (expression of energy) are making a certain sound which as per vedas is due to motion of atoms which then connects to the receiving organ and the process continues, during the course of meditation first the combined sound of all the organs is observed and absorbed followed by distinguishing and only focusing on the sound of heart which further mellows down to single ting and resulting in no sound, and no sense of breath which can be broadly classified into loosing solitary existence, that is when you are one with surrounding energies, the process of going beyond this stage is beyond the grade scale of this article, but mentioning to be cautiously vigilant during the above mentioned course wouldn’t be wrong for the author to mention, but in no way is this cautious remark be taken as a deterrent.

By the concepts of sound there is hardly any known ailment which cannot be cured/healed, as postulates of human anatomy are based upon organs behaviour in solitary and in solidarity with the other organs.




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