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analysing and achieving


Since genesis for the behaviour of the society and exploration of virtues of the humans beyond the periphery of food, there has been debates and contests upon how one betters the other, this earlier was amongst the multifarious religions in offerings, but with the changing times and introduction of “modern science” which promulgated itself as based on concepts than “faith”. The author doesn’t contest the veracity of “modern science” but through this cameo proffers the effect of mantras and hymns on the human body and how both of these can help alter/shape up the basic VIBGOR ( spectrum of energy, with varying wavelengths, as is the case with sun light), and how vedas and the proffers as in agendum illustrated in the findings of the sages in the east, take towards enhancing rectitudes, to have what seems to be “difficult dream” to achieve.

The procedures as in mantras, are based upon electrical energy (the energy with which the brain is able to communicate with the rest of the body) whose genre can be kinetic or potential, in their genesis ( which is either by motion or position, like the water reservoir is at a great height when held, and then is allowed to fall on the turbines with force for electricity generation) similarly in recitation of the mantra the spine is kept erect ( for smooth flow of the axons in central nervous system, from the brain) and the sounds generated within the sound box create heat energy which takes form of electrical energy after it is sensed by neurones in the ears which carries the signal to the brain and then to the body ( specific part of the body).

Refurnishing the example of water dam, it may be huge quantities of the water ( as witnessed) crashing on the motors below and turning them, but if plunged deeper, it is always a drop of water which is compassionated by another drop of water so on and so forth….which rotates the motor, likewise in mantras the repeated recitation of the mantra is the procedure, in order to generate and regenerate the impulse/the spike of electrical energy ( normally in range of -50-100 milli volts) thus effecting the neurone(s) in its nucleus ( neurones can be said to the base from where approach and result is defined), probably that’s why the admonitions of concentration are associated while undertaking this ( prayers/preaching as they are popularly knows as).

The vedas, in words have illustrated the sounds capable of triggering electrical pulse within the body, by the use of “beej” mantras ( single word mantras). These mantras generate pulse in the range of -70mv, and are specific in their output, which lay their impact on a particular type of chakra, which then changes its behaviour and hence the change in the entire presentation and behaviour of the chakras ( holistically). Beej mantras, are capable of changing, what is commonly referred to as “destiny”, if they aren’t used for something else, like blessing ( voluntary or involuntary, which is when someone touches you, may it be feet, hand shake or hug).

Defining the entire science of beej mantras may be out of ambit of this cameo, whereas mention of beej mantra for job “ taaaauuuung” is illustrated. This beej mantra effects the CNS, which is capable of reversing the flow of the energy, which is from CNS to brain. This beej mantra when done with utmost concentration, creates an energy within (which can be felt in corresponding aura), which creates pathway for the individual to pave path for its induction and accomplishing the desired outcome.



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