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Anger: A form of Depression


There are instances when the anxiety levels are way too high or they are low, which often is the resultant of some action which led causing distressing stimulation, in either of the cases, the normal life gets affected.

The frequency, at which this irritation occurs, redefines the societal behaviour of the person, like the person gets agitated too soon the amount of anger, finding faults with almost all the things in close landscape (may it be behaviour of other humans around the person, or even to the extent as how the things are kept on the table) is mainly because of the person finding comfort within itself.

The absence of this feel of solace, which according to vedas is due to blockage in the sacral chakra and psychology associates it with dormant dopamine system in the brain, but nevertheless this is also an ailment, initially which effects the psychological part of the person and then trickles down to manifest itself also to the physical body, in form acnes, diabetes, absence of glow in the skin, hypertension (just to mention a few).

This ailment in modern medicine is termed as “depression” (of course there is medicinal cure for it), the vedas enlighten us how to overcome this “suffocation” naturally without ingesting any medicine.

Enhancing your concentration levels, by focusing on a moving organ of your body (like heart, lungs, blood flowing in the arteries and veins, initially till the time you don't master to keep your mind empty from holding any explicit memory ”perception”) shall make you overcome this agitation.

As this agitation is occupying your mind, ability to think and act gets severely hampered, the productivity of the person decreases, as also seen that the person has to use more words/sentences to be able to convey, body issues with digestion, significant increase/decrease in appetite and finally your societal behaviour (like conversations) often ending up in feuds.

If (initially) concentrating on your body part is a difficulty, then sitting in a relaxed posture with closed eyes and thinking about your most admired virtue, would be a good and easy way to benign “well being”.



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