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Bay of Cosmic and Ionic Energy: Heart Chakra


Heart Chakra, termed as Anahata, in sanskrit, is responsible for emotions in addition to how these emotions are comprehended by the individual. Emotions which is residual of an act, are also the driving force for any action to happen, as it is the comprehension of any situation (residual form of emotion, when one is not the initiator of act) as to that will impact you and then the analysis, can something be done to alter the landscape of that situation so there are dividends when the situation ends or transforms into something new, which isn’t remotely connected or associated with the emerging one. Emotions, are independent from what we know as profession and personal, irrespective of the header as one may choice to tabulate and organise them, they are present defining as how to understanding will be.

Prognosis, of the Heart Chakra, as per the schedules laid in the vedas, narrates as to what is that this energy cortex, which is bay of rising and downwards (downwards here means, the cosmic energies from the cosmos flowing from head to toe) energies does, both in societal and the spiritual virtues of any and all people. The vedas, further, narrate as when this chakra is resonating at its peak, the individual, without any effort or convincing is able to change the behaviour and/or mannerisms of that other person, which directly can be understood as the gains to and from the society are maximum, after mentioning about the societal benefits of the activated heart chakra, it is imperial to mention the amount of solace, comfort and peace with which that individual would be living its life, and hence enjoying life, in both of its prudent virtues, personal well being and success in the society.

As there are always two sides to any energy, one when the energy is at its best unfortunately the other side is when the energy isn’t, would like to mention that this “lacking” isn’t natural (as in most of the cases) but is due to after effect, with contributors causing this ill affect ranging from personal life, health and societal standings. When this chakra is blocked, the person becomes too sensitive and gets easily disturbed/perturbed and also approaches any and all the things with a pessimistic view.

Controlling the comprehension of how the thalamus, sympathetic parts of the brain, evaluates the situation, is one of the measures mentioned in the vedas, more intense is the mention of the phemes ( known as beej mantras in Sanskrit language) to heal this bay, which is one of the most influential player in defining life.


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