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Chakra Yoga: Scientific or Faith


Chakr, means revolving wheel, which popularly known as “chakra” in English language to denote the cortex of energies within a human body, and are believed to be responsible for the texture of behaviour which the person exhibits, the author, through its article would like to take its wise and thinking readers to decode whether it is “belief” only, or whether there is something substantive in this ( here the author subscribes the meaning of the word “belief” as something whose logics aren’t known or somehow don't fit into the parameters of the evolving science).

Before integrating into the main subject of decoding and deducing the chakra, lets first, we both, the author and its wise readers, try and gather the important constituents of life defining circumscription, as like nature of the person, the social standing/ranking of the person, thought process (optimistic or pessimist) so on and so forth, are all defined by something which comes from somewhere “within” that person, which is normally connoted as “natural”. (as every person has a different take/understanding of a event, hence reacting emotions are different, which again has a variable whether they are exhibited or not….and there are infinite number of variables which are quite distinguishable from one person to another, making individual unique apart from having distinguishable physical and facial presentations, interestingly this too is dependent on something from “within”)

Just to remind its readers, the author is working on the premise that all the knowledge about the energies which are defining and redefining, all the criterion’s which are manoeuvring life delineating postulates are “belief” based, and isn’t natural (as what is natural isn’t curtailed by geographies/culture/religion). Working on, by taking refuge of the etiquette which is conceived as scientific, which is allopathy medicines including surgery, this methodology works upon chemicals and drugs, as medicines are combination of various chemicals combined together (the synonyms of combination is “yog” in sanskrit language) , which when ingested are consumed by the body using enzymes which break down that combined formulation to consumable form or the insertions made during surgery are also common, irrespective of the native of the person, country, religion of the person, age, faith, social ranking, whether atheist or a zealot, with greater patience or short tempered……and list remains endless, but why is it so? When there is so much disparity in thought process, why is it that the system/body remains the same? Shouldn’t it be different because the way the life is conceived is so different amongst varying individuals? The author hopes its wise readers would also be pondering upon why is it and if it that there is nothing unusual in this example which the readers find, then lets land our journey (through the article) and check whether what is mentioned about the energy cortex(s) of the body falls in the ambit of “belief”? Well, this seems to reflect that the author is having the wrong approach and thinking these energies and their realisation methods are “belief”, as the body along with its organs remains the same, being independent of the mannerisms by which life is carried in society, this holds its veracity with internal energies too.

During the course of promulgating this concept of energies within the body which are defining the body and life, there would have been some disconnect, probably the provisions of being aware of the logics the possibilities of posing questions as to why should this be undertaken, in all probabilities in the name of god or creating a sense of fear (thats why zealots are mostly god fearing and atheist are god daring, with a common quality, of having faith in their concept but without any experience to substantiate their faith, but one agreed to the tales as what damage can that invisible would do and the latter daring the invisible to transpire that damage which are part of those tales)….anyhow the author returns to the ethos of the writeup as to why should chakra energy be taken as cogent?

As illustrated in the paragraph highlighting the magnanimity of allopathy medicines and how it is relevant to all, irrespective of the disparities of religion/age/faith/country, there is something upon which this scientific curing/healing regime works with, which of course isn’t visible, even to the strongest of the microscopes or radiological tools, this which is invisible but yet paramount for even medicine or surgery to act upon is said to the energies as there is a time when all the medicines or operations don’t result positive leaving the doctor to say “sorry”, why is he/she saying sorry, the person is there with all the organs, what is it which isn’t making those organs perform their act? There is definitely something which is beyond the periphery of sight but is in ambit of “vision,”unsighted but visualised form which according to the vedas and also as part of the experience of the author, triggers a move which is spherical in its form, (spherical is a combination of both linear and circular) the intensity at which they are oscillating, wether linear or circular or both, this energy because of texture of movement (spherical) and to make it distinguishable, was given a term/name “chakr” in sanskrit, which also establishes another prudent point that chakr is definitely not to do anything with religion, as it is a natural thing, as because it only deals with life not how the defined parameters of life, called religion.

Post acknowledging and realising the presence of these energies, people must have dwelled it further to discover the way to modify/refine these energies ( as is basic nature of humans to try and find ways to alter things to make them more productive) hence the emergence of this scientific methodology of chakra yog. This chakra yog, as allopathy, can only be done when there is life, which is the driving energy which is manifesting itself and exhibiting, often termed as “soul," and to realise the “soul” the postulates of “meditation” were laid.

The author feels now it can safely and sanely conclude, energies within the body which can’t be sighted by the eyes but can be visualised by the brain through its sensory systems, are existing and also there are provisions of changing their behaviour, by yog. The author in its previous article had mentioned famous four ways of enhancing these energies, of course with a difference what is the pitch of the hymns recited, place of worship for which pilgrimage is undertaken, varying postures taken during preaching and lastly the use of the language to recite the prayers (depending upon where that religion was germinated).



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