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Emotions and how do they effect your life

A habit of analysing people has unfortunately become a new normal in today’s society, this analysis may be with the way the other people are or their societal or financial status, which has hardly any bearing to the individual for whom these analysis have been drafted or tabulated. As observed in most of the cases the person is more or less ignorant if not totally oblivious about how the others conceive its existence which means there is no release of any kind of emotions in that person due to the perception as formed by others about itself and carries on to live the way it finds the best and of course doesn’t gives in the chance and the effort to better the existing, as a matter of fact, it is the person who has formed that opinion is the one who is suffering because of the emotions hence generated by that opinion, which clearly states there is no gain, as it is you who is suffering from the release of oxytocin, estradiol, progesterone and cortisol hormones and the hence the change in the chemical composition within you, and the release of these hormones for a person who would have no practical influence in your life is nothing more than a waste hence there is no gain out of this entire exercise, it becomes more relevant when you are not having the perception of honour and grace for the other person. But as there is flip side to everything there can be some brighter side too, when you host a perception of honour and grace for someone or something, like which you would carry for GOD, your mentor or someone who you believe to be someone who is successful and unconsciously you are trying to ape or copy, but nevertheless it is nothing more, than your own perception, like there is a perception of sun rise and sun set, whereas the matter of the fact is, there is no sun rise or sun set it is just the rotation of the earth which is enabling the day and night, this example should be apt enough to transmit, perception is nothing more than a understanding of a thing or event based upon your position, and having a position is just being rigid, it is only then that you are separating yourself from the rest and hence there is possibility of to conceive the things.

This very notion of being something different from the rest is the reason that there is such a divide within the human species, it is this emotion which is the primal reason as to what has divided the way we conceive even the GOD. As the entire fight in the world is triggered by nothing else than the notion of this “perception”, the ones who are extremely rigid about their perception have taken up arms and are killing people, just for the reason that the ones who are being killed are not abiding to the laws and structure, which in their perception is the right and only way to live as humans. But the fact of the matter entails with the diversity of life its vividness. This diversity and dynamics of the life can only be experienced the time the individual is able to take itself beyond all perceptions and impressions, as what happens during deep state of meditation when even the perception of the peripheries of the body are dissolved there is no observer and there is no observant, and when all the limits are dissolved and there is endless flow, like what can be understood by the examples of flow of air, water, ether, space etc. It is easy for one to perception about thing and be rigid about them as this has become the norm of the society and everything in the society (unfortunately) is being carried out based upon this emotion, and this doesn’t just ends here this habit of forming opinions sticks around the person with each and every aspect and becomes a integral part of its personality, which is the primal reason for almost all kinds of illnesses, as sickness stems out from the chemical formulation in the body and this chemical formulation is because of the emotions generated as these emotions are responsible for the way the neurotransmitters in the brain would react or act to the emerging situation. Diseases like Hypertension, Anxiety, stress, heart ailments, diabetes, thyroid problems, kidney issues, liver diseases, mental health ...and the list goes on endlessly, and all this because of what “perception.”

Now the reason for people to form perception about things is also generated by emotion, the rigidity about understanding, that is when one glues to the feel that one has understanding of the thing or the event or the situation and hence there is this emotion of understanding, and no one wants to learn or the flow of the event proves that ones understanding was wrong. As mentioned earlier the very existence or triggering of emotions is not natural and is due to malfunctioning or imbalance of the life energies within. I say this, as the life energies are in continual movement within and outside and within in respect to the circumventing energies, which means there is no possibility of a person to remain in one emotion state as by the time the emotion would be comprehended the energy would have changed its state and behaviour, hence there is no emotional state “naturally” for the living beings, the state of Solace and Samadhi are not which are emotional states, that is why they are endless, no wonder they are associated with realised masters, the ones who have surpassed the state where emotions can or may be generated, these masters are not affected by praises or abuses, for them either of these have no semblance as their energies are sync with the life energies, so there is no win or loss no praise no abuse, the state which in Vedas is described as “Vairagya” (which when translated in English language means transparent) these masters are in a state where they exist yet they don’t, like what is the case with air it exists but yet you cant see smoke which is visible but still you are able to see through it, like Christine water which is there but still you can see beyond it, and this is achieved when one is just working on itself its energies and has divorced the lethal and deadly habit of “perception” and the corresponding emotions.


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