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Father and Son Relationship, why does it get "sour"


The time a child is born, parents, disengage with themselves and divert all their energy towards the child, and father apart from passing on the family patronage baton to the child, starts looking upon the child as a saviour an achiever, who will fulfil his unrealised dreams, and unknowing starts building up the child in that direction, forgetting its child has born with a different set of energies, and the energies of its child will aspire him to have a different goal different aspirations for itself. Anyhow, apart from looking upon the child as his baton carrier, the father stops improvising upon its energies and is totally focussed upon the child, which results in stagnancy of the energies of the father and hence no improvements in the energy spectrum, which also means that there is no development, and no development is never “progressive” instead is “detrimental”.

After sharing an insight about what happens between father and son, lets plunge into why the rifts or so called generation gap emerges. As per the psychology mentioned in the vedas which has been endorsed by the modern psychological findings, “ one only accepts commands from the “superior” ones”, this statement can be better understood by examples,

  1. as one listens and accepts what the teacher teaches in the school, but one doesn’t accepts the same teachings at home, as the sympathetic brain has accepted teacher to be better, and parents are just normal human beings).

2) adolescents sleeping in the arms of its parents is an acceptance by the child, of parent being more physically stronger than the child.

3) person takes it to be natural and normal is boss points towards late coming to office, but if a junior colleagues passes the same statement and in the same manner that is taken as “disrespect”.

As the time passes on, the energies of the father deteriorate ( more due to unattended attitude of the father and less due to ageing) which is also resulting in building and strengthening of the energies of the child and this transition is recognised by both, the parents off and on mention to the child about their inabilities to perform to the full, which also establishes the thought in the mind of the child that he is growing better than its parents, which in unconscious mind of the child gets registered, and when this feeling is there, it is then any suggestions/command from the parents becomes “unacceptable” to the child. This is what gets connoted as “generation gap”, when there is difference of energies amongst two people, one (child) of which is competing to replace the other (parent) from the commanding position and the other (parent) is trying to hold on to it.

Vedas, through the profound science of chakras, tell us more about how this rift/friction can be minimised, if not erased. Birth of the child is great thing and one getting overwhelmed by its own child is also a good thing, but one should ensure that one doesn’t curtails its scope of improving and strengthening further, as when energies are in order, one is always driven more by logics instead by controlled by the emotions, which is beneficial for both, the parent and the child, as when the parent is continuously improving itself ( by virtues of its energies, which is residing in the chakras) then one is always looked upon by the child, as there is always something for the child to learn from its parent, and on other side the parent remains strong, both emotionally and psychologically, so doesn’t get perturbed by any expression of “avoidance” by its progeny.


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