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Healing the Heart, fighting virus

The conceived helplessness of how to deal with the emerging situation, or the perceptive result of any action, results in stress and as we had discussed about the ill effects which this stress causes on your body, our immunity, which is damaging and detrimental. Which can also be deduced as there is no gain from stressing one self, if the situation is beyond your control, then there is nothing which you can do to alter it occurrence or its outcome, but by stressing yourself further by thinking too much about the situation/results, you are further aggravating the damages which the situation will result, by compromising, your own well being, by depleting your own ability and scope of survival when that situation will pass through ( as no situation in life remains permanent, it has to pass one day).

There are ways to deal with emerging situations, the pessimistic way is what I have just mentioned away, to be worrying about the thing and not be able to get over it, the other and the better way is to have a “sanguine” approach, accept this is beyond your control and think beyond it, or think what else is the option, its not that I am suggesting that you divorce the explicit conduits of the other thing, be realistic, but yet approach it with a positive frame of mind.

Like what is being in done to counter this pandemic of novel covid 19 corona virus, which unfortunately has no cure, which has taken so many lives across the globe, may it be china, italy, USA (america), England, other countries in Europe, Singapore, hong kong, Japan, but there are ways to save yourself from getting infected, those are social distancing ( keeping yourself at a distance of at least 6 feet from other person), wearing masks ( so that the droplets which the other person is releasing while speaking, sneezing or coughing) don't enter your body, and washing your hands regularly ( by which if there may be some droplets on your skin they don't enter your system, unknowingly by your hands). These all measure are great examples of countering a thing which is beyond your scope to nullify the situation, and they further exhibit in a profound manner how one can counter or avoid the uncontrolled circumstances.

The time you get stressed, the body and the brain immediately reacts to your emotion, by trying to counter the ill effects of this emotion. At the time of stress the body releases IL-1 IL-6 types of cytokines, which are pro inflammatory in their nature, which causes need for extra oxygen by the blood to feed the organs and the brain, apart from this there is sudden release of glucose to the blood in order to compensate for the energy requirements by various organs and muscles to perform their functions. When this demand, of more oxygen and glucose, are more the arteries carrying blood to and from the heart get rigid due to release and accumulation of plaque which deposits in the blood veins, causing extra stress on the heart and the veins, which has a significant damage to the heart but also effects the brain.

Vedas have mentioned how ill “the stress” should be avoided, and how the body can be strengthened to counter its ill effects. The organ which experiences the most significant ill effect apart from brain is heart, the magnitude of the stress, its longitude ( the duration) defines whether these effects on brain and heart, can be recovered or have they resulted in permanently damaging the system.

Meditating on heart chakra, while keeping the entire focus on the area where the chest bone meets, is of great help in flushing out the stress and also helps in healing the organ(s), both heart and brain.


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