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Heart Chakra: The Beats of life


Anahata is a sanskrit word which translates to, a sound created with the single hand, a sound for which no objects collide. This chakra is responsible for solace within the person, this solace which isn't dependent upon the achievements or accomplishments, but instead is a virtue by which there is continuous flow of happiness. This is the power bank for the chakras, it is defined by the infiniteness of the finite. As mentioned above this chakra provides peace, but due to explicit reactions of the person on the converging situations, blocks the flow of the energy from and to this chakra, hence resulting in psychological and physical problems.

Keeping your concentration in the centre of the ribcage and being able to sense the palpitations, is the way which vedas guide for unblocking this chakra.

This chakra signifies the state of freshness that appears when we are able to become detached and to look at the different and apparently contradictory experiences of life with a state of openness (expansion). Normally we are not used to the effect produced by the confrontation of the two opposite forces. At the level of Anahata chakra appears the possibility to integrate the two opposite forces and obtain the effect (sound, in this case), without the two forces being confronted (without touching of the two parts). This energy is specific to cooperation and integration, which brings peace and a new perspective in a world where there is less conscious confrontation between opposite forces. The name Anahata suggests, in fact, the synergetic effect of the interaction of energies at this level.

There are twelve syllabi’s of the single sound which this chakra produces during the channelising of its energy to various other chakras, these twelve syllabi’s play a pivotal role in defining, emotional, psychological, and physical health of the person. As mentioned in the first paragraph, to have the control over oneself in expressing or reacting to a situation is prudent, and at least daily performing the healing process of this chakra, will ensure, your smile and peace will remain placid.



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