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Heart Chakra: The epicentre of emotions


There are nine major chakras in the body, the word chakra as described in Sanskrit language, is the place where the mani (jewel) resides, mani which is the power/wealth of life, which is heat. This form of energy, which is termed as agni(fire), in vedas is first reflection of life, the warmth in your breath, body temperature, the temperature mandatory for the functioning of the brain, heart, the heat in the abdominal, in your stomach, in muscles, tissues the heat required for the movement of the axons, neurones………is also defined by the heat resonated by the functioning of this chakra. This chakra, apart from defining the functionalities of the body also governs the nature of the person while approaching anything and everything, the way the path is laid to reach to the target what are the nitty grits in the passage towards the goal and what and why is it so prudent to have the thing, the necessity and euphorias is all governed, as to how this chakra is.

Sombreness, as being mentioned to be mandatory in vedas while exploring and enhancing the within, is unfortunately taken as “seriousness”, this seriousness makes this exploration a kind of stress for the person who is undertaking it, hence the rejoicing of enhancement and unfolding the unknown virtues and capabilities, becomes a stress. While these methods were laid to nullify the stress and its ill effects, somehow they have become part of the list, by which stress increases. People dont enjoy performing them, and hence their is a definite schedules which are laid as to when these exercises are to be performed, the connect of these exercises with the psychological part, is snapped, which the author feels, leads to defeating the very essence of these exercises.

The conduits transmitting and/or carrying energy to and fro, from this chakra, are cleansed by adopting breathing exercises in which these conduits are cleansed through air and heat pressure as generated by holding the breath, at a particular location in the body and also the duration as to how long the breath is held, this pressure clears away the plaque and residual depositories in these microscopic nerves, hence making the body avail the benefits of the resonating “solar plexus”.

This chakra, when in its full glory, makes the person admired by all, and is one of the most hot topics amongst circles, and yet that person doesn’t gets carried away by the accolades and appreciations gathered, but is so well balanced and complete, which leaves no chance of others observations to affect and effect, its being and behaviour. It isn’t that the person cultivates the smile and charms, but they are there naturally as part of its personality.

The heart chakra is the one which absorbs, deduces and transmits emotions ( which has n number of nature, right from how you think about the world, to how you think about yourself, your family your understanding and behaviour towards them, what you think do…..and the list remains endless, as is the relevant case with emotions). Before we settle in to discuss about how regulating these emotions, it would be imperial to first plunge and extract why is the emergence of emotion in first case, why is it that there are so many types and designs of emotions, as there in life of majority of people. To act and react to anything, there has to be a sense of how that incoming situation/remark matches your perception of your own self, if that incoming statement is on the lines as what you think about yourself (appreciation) then it generates a emotion of “happiness” and on the other side when someone passes a statement by which the person is condoning a certain act or mannerism ( derogatory) that results in despair ( if you helpless in rebutting, anger if you are able to rebut/counter), but in either of these extreme apart statements and corresponding emotions, there in a input, which meets the criterion of

  1. understanding the language in which the statement is said

  2. You are directly related to the evolving situation

  3. You are able to analyse the situation/statement, keeping yourself as epicentre of it.

If one is failing in ignoring the praise and condoning, and is getting affected by it, this is a clear reflection of heart chakra being blocked, as the person is so feeble in knowing the “self”, that anything or anyone can bring doubts and can change the course of ones own being.

The vedas, tabulate the blockage in this chakra as a thing which doesn’t only effects the person as an individual adversely but how the resonance of the presence of that person in society can deteriorate the landscape of the family the society at large. As the flow of the emotions remain uncontrolled totally or to a large extent, which is witnessed in person getting angry too soon or is surrounded by a sense of remorse or sulking, these emotions not only effect the individual but also adversely affects the family, friends and society with which this person is interacting or is associated with. When such a uncontrolled state is let to remain for a longer period, the person develops several threatening ailments (which may be psychological, biological or both).

The use of exercises with which the person is made to take control of its own thinking, in whom the person makes its body, breath perform an act which is unnatural from their behaviour, by virtue of which the mind disintegrates itself from the thoughts and the thought processes, and gets engaged in achieving the “challenge” thrown at it.


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