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How to be happy, meditation on Third eye

In todays life, Happiness is associated with successful completion of work or the result is in your favour, when there’s a triumph, its a wonderful feeling, but unfortunately that withers off, with the passage of time or when some other subject takes your attention on it and taking it away from that emotion of “happiness”. This is understood as a normal thing, one triumph is the motivation for undertaking another, which isn’t the way it should be, after triumphing, your moral gets its boost by the happiness which came along that achievement, when you are able to hold on to that confidence why is it that getting over with that joy and happiness is, OKAY?

The body tends to feel the stresses while you were undertaking now completed task, and the kind of damage those stresses have laid upon the body, in all parameters, may it be physical (indigestions, insomnia) or psychological ( migraine, self talking) or biological ( diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases) and this is continual process and requirements of the dynamic ever demanding society, which impresses upon the individual, to excel or exit. This fear and continual exposure to stresses leads to above mentioned issues apart from adding more the menu, which is in offering.

Unfortunately, everyday doesn’t gives you the opportunity of happiness and rejoicing, so this “utmost necessary feed” of happiness and requirement goes abetting, in garb of “achieving” something in the society, which “even” if achieved won’t translate into long time happiness, which imparts life long damages.

We undertake the process as enshrined in the vedas, focusing on the third eye, the bridge between the place of the third eye and the centre of both the brains hemispheres, the nirvana chakra. When there is utmost concentration, then the brain at one end releases the dopamine for relaxing the system and on the other hand decreasing the intensity of the cortisol, which has got deposited in the kidneys, and this density is damaging to the organ.


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