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How to increase immunity by happiness: Heart and Throat

In the present scenario the entire world is overwhelmed, by cover 19 corona virus, the pandemic which unfortunately has no medicine to counter the virus, and the only possibility which we have is to have greater immunity, this immunity which is the only scope for each one of us to protect us from this pathogen. Our body which has all the ability to counter and fight against any and almost all ( fortunately) the attacks, who have the potential of destructing it. This immunity, which is very strong and one of the only hopes that we have, in the present scenario apart from social distancing, but with the kind of life styles which are taken as part of the normal in the modern social set ups, is depleting this very virtue of our body to defend our own self.

The kind stresses which are there, which are taken in the name of “sustaining” life as to the parameters of the society, may they be classified as emotional, professional, psychological, physical, irrespective of their classification, damage the immunity system, as brain (sympathetic and automated nervous systems react to these stressors) corresponds with the body and vice versa through cytokines, and the behaviour of these cytokines is directly proportional to release frequency of cortisol, the amount of glucose in the blood ( which is increased when the stress is detected).

Vedas, guide us to the procedure, undertaking which the person can generate the happiness within, which is devoid of any reason ( societal achievements), the path of chakras. There are many a ways to approach these chakras, breath regulating, breath holding, concentration ( not focus, but concentration). By the process of concentration on the chakras, hippocampus, thalamus, amygdala parts of the brain getting activated (not stressed) and the neurones in these areas resonate and oscillate, within their optimum levels, which hence increases their performance, which directly is translated into body reacting to this stability in the brain, and hence reducing density of cortisol, which increases B cell and T cell immunity levels.

The human body has nine major energy chakras (cortex), who in societal way exhibit in twelve different ways, which answers the logics of why there are nine planets and twelve houses in astrology, which in order to provide a unique identity have been assigned names, which unfortunately are taken as celestial bodies, which in fact they are “not”. They are energy centres who definitely enact or react to the surrounding situations and prevailing emotions, taking control of these energies and to make them act as what would be the best for the individuals growth and rise. There are several measures which are suggested as per the practitioners of different sciences, like a yogi would have a different path to that of a yoga practitioner who further would be different to what practitioner of the science of astrology.

These chakras, regulate and optimise the amount of moisture content in your nasal track, which directly effects the lungs and their capacity to breath and perform. Taking the breath in ( as you do while smelling something) but restricting it from going to your lungs and holding it there ( within your comfort levels) and then releasing it smoothly, is one of the most easiest ways ( in breathing techniques) to regulate the moisture content in your nasal track. This exercise has also been helpful in sinus, migraine and anger management.


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