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Karma and Astrology



May be this is part of my "Destiny" is a very common statement, as when a person is not able to have/do/achieve the much desired in ones life, destiny is the thing which happens to feel the brunt of the failure, but in this write up, we would be exploring on this "curse/jinx", in which the failure is taken as part of the best machine of all the known,available or ever made, "the human". The machine is equipped to convert anything into its form, the machine which is hardly dependent upon the operator, the human body. When the source of all the energy, commonly termed as God, has extended the same machinery to each and every individual then why is it so, that some are always cursing or blaming the destiny and the rest happen to be succeeding. What is the difference, amongst them, the difference between the so called successful and the failures.  

Each and every individual each living being, may it be animal or the social animal called humans, posses the powers for life to dwell within them, there's no discrepancy in this, then how come the struggle of survival of life is there. Let's start in trying to comprehend, by having a raw understanding of the life, what makes the difference between the dead and living, as if growing is the difference, then even the present science has established that even the dead body grows as does the living one, then what's the thing which demarcates them, are the things which are visible, like stretching of the lungs to gasp in oxygen or the movement of visible organs, or is the answer within, which is not visible. The invisible is generally, taken or understood as faith, as what is the scenario of expressing religious ethics and procedure, whose basic ethos is now curtailed to "faith" or is the way with which we are brought up to evaluate truth to be, the thing which is only visible, touchable or can be felt, but how many, have really felt the flow of blood within the veins or arteries, which is the most primitive or easy example to know, as this flow of flood is there right from the very birth of the individual  but one doesn't feels its existence till the time there's some bruise which is hurting when the blood gushes through that affected area. This flow of blood or energy, is evenly present in all the beings and this flow of energy is one of the major difference between the dead and the living, its not that dead don't have energy but the feed of what is meant is the "flow" of newer energy isn't there, yes the body is manifesting from the energies which are already existing or deposited, surprising, isn't it? This newer energy is associated with feelings/ emotions, as already discussed above that the human body has the ability of turning each and everything into its form, like when you consume bread (or for that matter even water) after a certain timeframe that food article has translated its energies to you, and it wont be wrong to say it has taken your form, as the energy of that food article is then flowing in your blood streams, as when you consume it, the body responds to the feed by acting upon it, technically termed as digestion, and then filtering the accepted energy affiliates to the ones which are not accepted, called as "fibre". Irrespective of what we eat, the body responds to it in the same manner, may it be banana or cyanide, it digests and conducts the end energy for the consumption of the body tissues muscles and so on and so forth. So the concept of eating good and healthy, as part of the culture in this part of the world has been premitive and significant. Like if a snake bytes, irrespective of whether the person is billionaire or a poker teacher or its pupil, the poison is bound to react in the same manner, which is retrograde for the existence of life.

As the body reacts to the things, by virtue of its energy and the kind of energy which that thing is emitting, like a banana makes you feel healthy and the poison kills,like wise, when a individual approaches a task or a thing, the conducive attribution of the thing and the significant energy of that individual decides upon either of the two results," Failure or Success', if the energy acceptance of the individual and the task is good then the person keeps getting successful and if not then the result of not appreciated word "failure" keeps rebounding back. The much appreciated remedies offered as in regard to make the things conducive in general life and the professional ones by the help of astrology, which is the science to understand the existing levels, impact, behaviour and predictable outcomes, of these energies. Astrology also finds it link with the behaviour of various organs in addition to varying behavioural facets of an individual, this presentation provides a great start for an analyst to begin, and as the principles and mannerisms of life are, to enhance from the existing, the science of astrology too comes with this provisions, with the course of time several new concepts were added, like wearing stones ( as all the stones aren't naturally found in India, keeping in perspective India being the country of origin of astrology), associating energies (termed as planets in astrology) with societal relationships (like mother, father, siblings, profession so on and so forth), probably this was done to make astrology to more acceptable in society (as the aspirants for enhancing energies for achieving higher energy levels, wouldn't be much in numbers). Anyhow, returning to the essence of astrology which is presentation of the energies within a person, based upon the passing latitude longitude and the angle from the pole(s), this remains the basis upon which the analyst makes his study, and suggests procedures (entirely based upon what the client intends to have, like whether the reason of the approach is for money, health, wealth, career.....and the list goes on), quite similar to what is also in modern medicines. 

As in the Indian system, the knowledge of understanding these energies was in existence even before the medieval times, that marriages were also decided upon amicability of the natal charts, natal, which are paper depiction of the various energy levels, called as chakras, within the body of the individual, which sadly has been limited to fortune telling/predicting. Like if the Saturn planet isn't conducive for a person but the person is into profession of teaching or stock trading, then in order to make his/her career more lustrous, seven facet Shree Rudraksham is suggested to be worn around or wrist, again depending upon the confluence effect of the affecting planets (* this remedy is individuals natal chart specific, and may not be comprehended to be universal). This is one of the examples as how the energy levels are made conducive to suit ones professional and personal life, enabling the person with the possibility of making that person have better, in society terms, either by default choose the correct profession or choose the correct measures for their growth and the ones who aren't so successful need to work on either the nature of their work or have to tailor their energies to be suitable for the work that they are doing. This process is of evaluating the energies, and hence proposing, is also done in modern medicines by using psycho analysis, which is also done in schools, colleges, universities and is carried even during job interviews, which also establishes the recognition of invisible energies by modern science and medicines, but yes of course the corollary used to define them is different.  

As discussed above the presence of the energies is even for all (that's why there is a set pattern to evaluate them, may it be in astrology or using psycho analysis) but what the individual makes use of those energies is what is termed as "karma", THE DEED" realising how the energies impact the thinking and its manifestation including the after effects, this concept was laid, for how the human should behave with each other or other living beings. It is more than evident, how the nature of work (karma) is reflected upon the behaviour and physical, emotional appearance of the person, which is unlike what is witnessed in animal kingdom, the lion doesn't has cruelty on its face, even being carnivorous in nature, as it doesn't kills for fun or with any ill intention, as to kill to prove and establish its supremacy, so there is emotions of love, care in its pride and sombreness in its eyes which isn't always the case with humans, as it is not always the question of ones survival for performing any deed, like killing of other animal life in name of "trophy hunting" or surpassing other humans in name of cutting down the competition. Any deed performed with any other intention from necessary for survival, like killing a armed assailant by the police/ armed forces isn't murder, as the act was done to protect not for pleasure or establishing their supremacy, but when same thing is done by a person to kill just in order to prove its greater authority is an example of bad karma, sarcasm or cynicism also does qualifies to be bad karma, as the intent is to belittle the other and not for augmenting.

We can now safely summarise, karma is the choice of manifestation of the existing energy and in order to perform good karma/ good deeds, the existing energies need to be at optimum levels, for achieving this optimum levels, astrology is a science which has been helping humans since medieval times.




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