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Life:A continual flow of energies

Due to the imbalances in the flow of the life energies within, there is a tendency to live in the past, whereas the schema of life is play forward, which means there is no practically no semblance in the present to the things which have happened in the past, like for instance the present word which you are reading has no relation to the word which you just read, as each one of them is producing or generating a different hormone a different sensation within you, yes, it can also be true “emotionally” the word in the first sentence is in correlation to the present word but in actuality there is no association at all, and if one is trying to find or is finding the relationship between the things which have happened in the past as to why and what is happening now, is nothing more than trying to live the life against the “flow”. Like for example the slice of the pizza which you just did bite looses its visible context and has taken another form, bite in this case which are chewing, will not remain the same in a matter of another few seconds as then it would be crushed by your teeth and swallowed in, then there is no way that you can associate with again in the form in which it was presented and hence accepted by you, the slice of pizza, likewise life keeps changing and there can be no association of the present with what had happened in the past, and this is how the life should be lead, as to the vedas, it is a continual flow of time and energy which are connoted as “SHAKTI” in sanskrit language. The same emotion is expressed in the science of studying life energies too, Astrology, which unfortunately has limited into fortune telling science, which is just one aspect of it, as it presents the existing spectrum of the various energies which are impacting life and their interpretation does presents as to how the life would behave for the individual but it also narrates and explains as to what measures can be adopted to alter the flow of those energies, much like in the same principle as to what the modern medicine does. Its only post the analysis of your scans and tests that your doctor tells as what all precautions, medicines and change in the life styles has to be adopted to cure or control the ailment, isn’t it?

In the vedas, the emphasis is only on the present and the present is not the sensations or experiences that you may have whilst undertaking procedures of life energies, even those experiences if experienced are something which happened a while ago, howsoever minuscule that time period may be, but it is for sure the time it happened and the time it was realised there is a gap in between, some time has elapsed in between these two events, and this is nothing more than staying in the past, which is the main cause of misery. This can be understood by the example of “PTSD” where the individual is unable to divorce the traumatic event which has happened in the past and because of its unnatural association with that past, the individual is generating and regenerating the emotion associated with that event, and as I have mentioned, this is only due to imbalance of energies the life energies. The vedas have explained the life energy is such fine detail that even this life energy is further refined and understood as to what is variation it produces within and the corresponding result, hence the term life energies, making it plural from singular.

As what I have observed whilst treating people, this is one of the basic thing, to associate the present with the past and then contemplating the future based upon the past, and this has been given the term of planning. Let me ask you, how many times has your planning of the things really been true, and is there anything which you are narrating by the use of language and speaking out to yourself wasn’t already not known to you, as what you have just presented to yourself again by use of language was already existing within you, all that information was there within you, and you just reiterated again to your own self by using the language, isn’t it so? Speaking to your own self isn’t a good thing, as this creates a different identity within yourself, as you tend to make your consciousness dependent upon interpretations which again is based upon language which further triggers emotions. As it is you who conceives the things as impossible and then when you attempt to do it, you fail. Its not thing which was difficult but because you conceived the thing in a manner to make it undoable, so failure was inevitable.

But when a person approaches the things without any preconceived notions, then the person is able to make the things happen, as its then that the life energies are in front and the emotions are kept away. As no one teaches the child to stand, it is natural it happens on its own, all the thing which are natural are not to be learnt or taught, it is only the synthetic part of the life which has to be learnt before they can be approached, and to excel, is definitely natural. The people who are harbingers to the society and have excelled in their lives in comparison to those who couldn’t the only difference is of the life energy activation levels, when one is able to enhance its energy levels to that level, it is then the rest will follow, like is the case with a piece of magnet placed at a

distance from iron, not to discount the fact, even the magnet is made of iron but because it is higher in energy than the iron pieces, it is able to pull them towards itself. Like there are leaders, may it be political or religious leaders, or great scientists, they are made of same flesh and bone as to what their followers are made of, but because of their higher energies they attract the rest of the crowd towards them, and this is what the ethos of energy are described in the vedas is.

Depending upon the existing energy spectrum and the need for which energy is required, like some would be interested in excelling in spirituality whereas the other can be interested in making a mark in the society by being super rich and/or influential, the methodology and methods are suggested. As it all happens because of flow of energy, may it be success or struggle, and this energy is charged, which means there is polarity in the charge which is flowing and due to this flow of the charge there is a numen which is produced along, and this numen is observed by the brain all along, when there is change in the flow there is change in the corresponding numen produced, it is then that brain alters its behaviour or changes the way it is to correspond with that organ, hence leading to illnesses. This numen is one of the ways by which the flow of the energy can be altered significantly, mantras, especially the Beej Mantras. That’s why the recitation of these mantras has been integral part of vedic schema of things for changing the course of life. Numen which in sanskrit language is called “Naad” is one of the easiest way to get over the struggles in life, may it be with the society or curing the ailments of the body.


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