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Meditation the inner exploration


In the high demanding world, there are prudent emphasis on the inputs, may it be in professional field ( like education, performance in office, return on investments in business and alike) or personal like what to wear, eat so on and so forth, which undoubtedly is survival eccentric due which the cynosure is towards this “input”. The kind of school in which the child assimilates education or presentation of a project in your office or promulgating new product, are associating examples of how the inputs are designed and essential, but what about the “manifestation”? What if, presentation of the project is appreciated by your team and then your boss but somehow the client turns it down (the author doesn’t wishes this for you), or the child has been conscientious in school but fails to translate his assimilation during exams? This is the phase the end which most of people fail, the “output”, its like eating all day through but then failing to relive yourself, which leads to sickness. This sickness isn’t because of degrading echelon of input but failing to translate that input for ones growth, which is when food is digested the waste needs to be flushed out, and if not then “sickness”.

Likewise, the quality and nature of the thoughts have been articulated in several ways, but what about the phase when relieving the “brain” is to happen? As the ever increasing demands of out performing to survive in society, which has led to huge performance demand from the brain to code and then decode them, this continual use of brain ( cortex part of the brain used for thoughts, stimulating neurones to achieve transition energy continually) leads to illness. The kind of illness varies, from physical to psychological or both like ,depression, stress, heart ailments, digestion issues so on and so forth, are all resultants of continual pressure of thoughts then its derivatives, on and from the brain. This phenomena is recognised in the modern medicine too, that’s why anti depressant, anti stress and similar medicines have been formulated using chemicals, who unfortunately are extensive use by people, irrespective of their age ( unfortunately some of people take refuge by taking drugs to ward off this stress).

The phenomena or the science of meditation as enshrined in the vedas, contributes in easing out this stress, hence contributing towards “output” of the brain, which is giving “recouping” time to the brain without any thoughts (which are language based, this topic in detail sometime later). Meditation has been modified and re modified by masters to serve their pupils in the best possible way ( as to their perception and understanding) but somehow has now found a new essence, and now is being referred to as a mode/tool of achieving “GOD," which the author does subscribes to, if “GOD” is taken as unknown entity. Yeah, that’s what meditation does, it unveils your possibilities by enhancing your capabilities. To illustrate this statement, the author takes refuge of an example which is, the amount of strength in the body before exercising is less than what it is after following a considerate regime of workouts in gym, where did this strength come from? Within, isn’t it? Like wise the concentration of the brain’s neurotic energy, without language and thoughts, leads opening up of unexplored arena of the brain which will give an edge over the others to perform and manifest your inputs into constructive and productive outputs.

Meditation, is process in which the entire course is breath based, the synthesis in the normal breathing patterns leads the brain notice the changes, and when the brain is allowed to take cognisance of this change, and there is no feeding of language ( as thoughts only occur in the language which you speak), then brain gets on to its natural work, which is regulate the organs for their optimum performance.


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