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Meditation: The Tenets

Meditation is the art of silencing the mind, the mind which is responsible for deciphering, decoding and processing data, the data which is your memory and/or the data being fed by the sensory organs, for example the reaction which you have within, when you see something which is attractive and when you see something which is not, this is what the mind does and it is continually engaging your energies to react to things which means it doesn't let the energies to connect and communicate with the cosmic energies it is these cosmic energies and your association with them which will unfurl your full potential, as when your mind observes anything immediately there is communication happening within and this communication mostly is in language, what is called as "self talking", as if the person who observed is someone different to the one to whom this is being narrated, it's called duality, a single person acting two ways, one as observer and the second as audience to whom the narration is being done.

There are many a techniques for meditating available to silence the mind, and adopting anyone of it is enough to achieve this monoism, which means being one with your ownself realising there is no other person to whom the narration of the things are to be done, it's all within you, and there is no need for any narration.

Probably the practice to solve problems, or being unable to experss can be the reason for anyone to start self talking, it's not only for your spiritual journey that this duality is mandatory to be warded off but also for your psychological health, as this practice of speaking within has been seen leading to Bipolar Disorders and split personality disorders, the person suffering with it often has suicidal tendencies. This could be one of the side effects of the changing society and its etiquette. But whatever the reason or the logics may be, but that doesnt discount the fact how fateful and dangerous is the way that society is living, being away from itself.

With the evolving dynamics of the society meditation has also transformed, thankfully keeping the tenets intact. Various techniques have been introduced depending upon the energy spectrum of the pupil, some of these techniques have unfortunately and wrongly got classified with a religion, which is not the case, as religion is a man made entity whereas life is a natural thing, the parameters and the logics of life remain unchanged wether the person associates itself with one religion or another, it's simple, if you are breathing then you are alive and if you aren't then you are not, whether you are Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc etc. Like is the case when a doctor treats a patient there is no separate medicine for people of different religions, because life, its behaviour and parameters are the same.

This is what meditation is, the art of being with your energies, not living on the planks of sensory organs or the sensory system which is being governed by the mind. In my upcoming book on meditation have shared several meditating techniques which I teach to pupils who come to me, hope you too would be diligent about your life.

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