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Mooldhara where the energy resides

As enshrined in the Vedas,There are nine major chakras (energy cortex) in the body, which have been assigned names ( based upon their location in the body and their significance for defining specific traits, in sanskrit)

  1. Mooldhara

  2. Swadishthan

  3. Manipura

  4. Anahata

  5. Vishudhi

  6. ajna

  7. Nirvana

  8. brahmn

  9. Sahastrdhara

These chakras are not intertwined, which also means, if one chakra is in its first, or fourth quadrant of energy level and is not able to generate the specific energy associated with that particular chakra, the rest of the chakras won’t be functional, but it is equally true that if one of the chakras is dysfunctional, then that “lacking” will be transmitted in the behaviour of other chakras too, as the linear motion of the energy won’t be smooth, and there would be kind of “drag” along which will cause extra load on the performing chakras, which sooner than later will be realised.

Today we will be discussing about the first chakra, Mooldhara Chakra, which in English referred as root chakra, which doesn’t means in its literal sense, as “root”, but can be understood as the place from where the energy makes its path to the rest of the body.

This chakra, is responsible for self confidence, the ability to comprehended conceptualise and contemplate all and any event in/of life, this chakra also defines the parameters of not loosing out, which means “anger” ( as anger is just an expression, of being helpless), flexibility of the body, health of large intestine, clear and glowing skin, strong and shiny nails…..are some of the things which this chakra impacts in the physical body. There are many other aspects in the psychological body on whom blockage of this chakra impacts in a retrograde manner.

This chakra is placed at the bottom of the spine, tail bone, and rests there till the time the body re-defines itself to absorb/or stimulate its energy. This energy is readily absorbed by the body, just at its generation if this chakra is activated, but lies in a dormant state when mooldhara isn’t activated (which happens in most of the cases which I have treated. The most prominent cause for this chakra to be dormant is ever demanding societal pressures, apart from narrating lies ( the body reacts in a negative way whenever lie is narrated, this can be understood by what happens in “lie detecting investigations”)).

This chakra as per the vedas, can be activated using yog and yoga, which means engaging mind and body, both can be engaged at the same time or can be used as separate measures to achieve desired results, which is activating this chakra.

Exhaling out while bending forward in sidhh aasan, and then inhaling while returning to the position when your spine is erect, is one of the example of the measures in which body and mind both are engaged.


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