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Solar Plexus Cleansing: Breathing Exercises and Pranayam


Manipura is represented with a downward-pointing red triangle, signifying the tattva of fire, within a bright yellow circle, with 10 dark-blue or black petals like heavily laden rain clouds.

There are nine major chakras in the body, the word chakra as described in Sanskrit language, is the place where the mani (jewel) resides, mani which is the power/wealth of life, which is heat. This form of energy, which is termed as agni(fire), in vedas is first reflection of life, the warmth in your breath, body temperature, the temperature mandatory for the functioning of the brain, heart, the heat in the abdominal, in your stomach, in muscles, tissues the heat required for the movement of the axons, neurones………is also defined by the heat resonated by the functioning of this chakra. This chakra, apart from defining the functionalities of the body also governs the nature of the person while approaching anything and everything, the way the path is laid to reach to the target what are the nitty grits in the passage towards the goal and what and why is it so prudent to have the thing, the necessity and euphorias is all governed, as to how this chakra is.

The conduits transmitting and/or carrying energy to and fro, from this chakra, are cleansed by adopting breathing exercises in which these conduits are cleansed through air and heat pressure as generated by holding the breath, at a particular location in the body and also the duration as to how long the breath is held, this pressure clears away the plaque and residual depositories in these microscopic nerves, hence making the body avail the benefits of the resonating “solar plexus”.

This chakra, when in its full glory, makes the person admired by all, and is one of the most hot topics amongst circles, and yet that person doesn’t gets carried away by the accolades and appreciations gathered, but is so well balanced and complete, which leaves no chance of others observations to affect and effect, its being and behaviour. It isn’t that the person cultivates the smile and charms, but they are there naturally as part of its personality.



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