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De Stress yourself by Yoga


Stress, is recognised and realised as a reaction of the body to something which isn’t conducive or progressive for its existence. As life is so diverse with all its vividness and dynamics, same holds true with the issues/problems/stresses which come along, stress can be emotional stress can be physical stress can psychological, these can be further classified into two major sub classes of personal and professional lives.

Whatsoever may be the column in which you may illustrate the kind of stress, but having stress is detrimental for the body and also hampers in its performance, in all aspects. The brain is most severely effected when there is stress, in order to preserve itself, it releases cytokines in huge quantities, these cytokines which ease the brain (temporarily) adversely effect the body and its organs, immunity being the primary aspect effected by them, autoimmune diseases is the most common example of what high density of cytokines can do to the body.

Yoga has several postures, breathing exercises which aid in relieving stress, which assists the brain and the body to cope up and recover the effects and after effects of stress. The breathing exercises, help keeping the palpitations of the heart in control decreases the density of the cytokines in the renal area.

By undertaking yoga to counter stress and de stressing, there is a greater possibility of you developing greater resilience of fighting stress and the purview of what may qualify as “stress” shall also change hence the incentive of the body towards stress will also change.


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