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The Cosmos To The Brain To The Body

There is continual communication and exchange which is happening between the cosmic energy and the energy within, the soul. This communication, is not only responsible for the physical but also all about which is beyond mass and matter, which causually is termed as no-thing, as what is normally expressed when you see no physical thing but still there is something which is resonating and/or transmitting the presence of it, and yet you convince yourself that there is nothing, which doesn't means there is really a vaccum, whereas the reality remains it's just there was no-thing which could register its presence with your sensory organs which made you to be concived about as there is a vacuum, but that is not the case, the reality remains there is some energy which isn't in prescribed form (body) but "IT" is present and your energies are registering its presence and your bran is privy about it but unfortunately the life is being driven by the mind which is further nothing more than data processing, which means what i see, what I feel what I hear is the only truth, but "NO" that isn't actually the case.

This is what is happening continually but is not being realised and thus not acknowledged by most of people, the existence of the energy beyond the shape, size, mass and matter will remain whether you are privy of it or choose to remain ignorant, it can be better understood by a simple example, wether you are realising or being aware of the gravitational force of the earth or choose to remain ignorant, what so ever the case may be, the imapct and the effect of the gravitational force would remain, thats why even the toddlers who are totally ignorant about everything and are adolescent and oblivious of who they are first family is, are also ignorant to the corollary associated with the scientific findings and facts which is also the case with actual tenets of each and every religion, remain associated with the ground as would be the case with a astrophysicist (who is aware of gravitational force in precise numbers and decimals).

Like wise wether you are realising the communication happening between the soul and the cosmic energies, the communication is happening, it's more like a person who has been made the CEO of the company but still is performing the acts of someone at the lowest posts (this statement doesn't undermine the labour done at any levels or of any kind, has just been enshrined for the sake of example for explaning, and any and all offences are unintentional and it be of any offence to anyone is regretted).

To re establish the realisation of this communication, the route of Meditation is adopted, and when a person is able to realise the communication which is happening at higher frequencies that person is known as a "REALIZED MASTER" this term can also can be understood as the one who is now privy which was always existing, isn't that what you mean by word "Realized", the thing which has or is happening but you just got aware of it, like if you sleep longer and suddenly you "realize" you have over slept the moment, when you become privy of "Time on the watch, isnt it so? The time continues to maintain its movement irrespective of wether you are awake/aware or sleeping.

With Naad yoga meditation technique this is what is taught and in the easiest and most convenient (as there is no inhibitions of what faith or religion, whats the phsyical strengths of the person are)way this is what is taught to realize the communication which is happening between the soul and the cosmos. As it's only post realization of this communication that the doors for achieve more can be unlocked, you are more in control of your life and how and what it would be, as the only difference between the successful people and the struggling and/or languishing one, is the use of resources, the one who are successful have the best use for their resources which is not the case with the people who aren't that successful or are still struggling.

It is imperial to mention, all the physical and the psychological problems are also germinated when the realization of this communication isn't there, as the brain has immense powers and capabilities to keep the physical and the psychological healthy at all times, it is more than capable of healing everything, that's why when you ingest any medicine which is absorbed in your stomach reaches the organ which is unwell or not performing at optimum levels, it is your brain which is directing the chemicalin that medicine to reach there. There is recourse for curing any kind of sicknesses by using the powers of brain in Naad Yoga.


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