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The Reason and Cure for Physical / Psychological Disorders

Physical / Psychological disorders are increasingly common nowadays and unfortunately there is no age as to when this ailment grips the person. It may start from childhood or develop later on in life. Adolescents who are yet to taste lovely recipes are restricted by doctors. Aged people who did their best in their prime aren't able to enjoy the same when the time came later on in life. Not to say that the aged aren't entitled to choose and eat as to their desire, but it is more disturbing when children aren't allowed the luxury to ever try most of those meals because of their illness.

Modern medicine, allopath, targets the sickness by cutting supply, assuming certain food articles are the cause for sickness.These foods are presented as the villain - the devil causing the illness.

While this is partially true, it is not entirely the case. For instance, people do not drown in water because of the water itself, they drown because of their inability to swim. Similarly, the food article is not the cause for the illness. It is the inability of one's body to digest and/or consume the energy provided by the food which leads to the sickness. Likewise, stress or one's situation is not the cause for hypertension or blood pressure problems. It is one's inability to solve or resolve a situation which leads to issues like anxiety, hypertension and depression.

The key to solving any problem is first acknowledging that there is a problem. While commonly said, this is not commonly done. Oftentimes, it requires an expert, such as a doctor, to spell out the problem or "sickness" to the individual.

The first signs of most disorders are digestion and/or hunger. It is the key sign of something wrong or unnatural happening within the body. Oftentimes it is something that has gradually built up through poor lifestyle choices, which the person chooses to remain oblivious to or neglects correcting.

This approach may be acceptable, but is it really right? As has been with the technologies and principle enshrined in the Vedas, in Naad Yoga, the root for the problem is the imbalance of energies and leads to the dormant state of energies that cure/ aid healing. Once the balance is re-established, the person can lead its life in the way and manner it would to lead, this also includes the kind of food which it wants to consume. There is no role of faith or belief in the technology of Naad Yoga its all based upon logics, the logics of energies, the energies which are within the body and the ones which are outside but are communicating with the life energies which are governing the body.

These energies are the key to the way the physical body, the mental behaviour and even the way that you think is all due to these energies, now the other thing is whether you acknowledge it or choose to remain ignorant, but the effect of these energies is independent of your validation or acceptance. Its nothing to do with you being atheist or theists, it’s just logics of life and the life energies, as the effect which is caused in the body post the ingestion of some medicine, is independent of whether you have acknowledged it or not.


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