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Understanding Chakras: The Wheel Of Life


Chakra, a sanskrit word which in English language translates into “wheel," wheel which has the same start and end points, which can also be understood as there is no beginning and there’s no end, that’s what the vedas describe the energies as. These chakras are the points where the energies conjugate during their course from one level to another, from one organ to another. When a person is able to have deep meditation, then the sounds produced by these energies is also heard, these sounds are like notes of music which vary with the change of the position of the movement (if you are following one string, changes its frequency all together if you are able to get the complete sense of the movement) which if concentrated upon further breaks down into individual strokes, these strokes break further down till the time the practitioner goes beyond the levels of sense of the senses.

There are 114 chakras based upon their placements and behaviour, but if their types are taken into consideration then they are 33k in numbers. Based upon the classification done by behaviour, 108 chakras are responsible for life (societal/family based) and 6 others are responsible for taking the energies to higher dimensions, these higher dimensions are indirectly contributing towards societal life betterment, but as the regime used for their enhancement is strict leading which they are normally left untouched.

The sounds produced by the movements of the energies is observed by the brain, and decoding of the frequencies and evaluations of other virtues of these energies, enables the brain to decide the reaction and also deciding the behaviour of other corresponding organs to react. When there is discrepancy in these sounds, the brain curtails the functioning and the energy levels of the producing and receiving organs, hence which leads to compromise in the psychological, biological and physical health of the person.

Meditating on the sounds of the chakras is native methodology but has been kept in closed for general public, which still happens to be trend.


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