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Life without correlation with Death


Death mostly is wrongly understood as annihilation, but the fact of the matter is that it is just a ending of one kind of the presentation and the driving energies then take on some other formulation for their presentation, which is definitely not vision obstructive (thats why isn’t visible to the human eye). Lets we both, the author and its readers, take the above mentioned abstract further and try and understand the essence of death which of course can be rightly portrayed as a thing without postulates but definitely undefined. 

In all the known and existing or rather non extinct forms of sovereigns of the society (commonly known as religion) when a person dies, it is said that the person has moved on or its time got over or has gone to his heavenly (the author isn’t sure of its existence, but just has been mentioned as reference to the corollary implied). In all and either of the above mentioned quotes, the certain and common point, there was something which has just abandoned the muscular and bone structure but still is in some existence, somewhere and somehow, but what is it which has really moved on if there is really such a thing? Since the time of birth there is disassociation with everything which isn’t visible or audible which can also be precisely interpreted as which doesn't leaves an impression on the sensory system of the body, which is also referred as ex (past) per (understanding) I (the individual) ence (senses). All of this leads the author to paraphrase death as a state which is devoid of any experience as it isn’t diligently capable of using the sensory to deduce, which means death is just a state which is definitely not active (only if sensory functions are taken as the sole parameters, synonymous to comma, quite broadly) but cant be minutely referred as not existent being in its virtue. 

This state of mind, body including its wide peripherals of brain, sensory gadgets is also possible to be achieved even while being within the peripherals of the body, and is commonly referred to “meditation”, in which there is no experiences or anything which correlates to what the body or brain may register or feel, but is in connect with the invisible energy. It is like you have the complete body even during deep sleep, but you don’t have the sense of it, and any and all events which may be happening to your body during the course of that deep state of sleep goes unregistered and is not part of your memory, as in a state of deep sleep there is disconnect with the sensory (like you don’t hear the music which is being played or you don’t notice the bulb which has just switched on) but still all that while you are within the body, but still disconnected. 

Unfortunately, meditation has turned up into a course undertaking which there are experiences of all sorts, right from trembling of the body or hallucinations of witnessing various kinds of lights (of course with the closed eyes). This has helped numerous number of people, as this definitely a very good exercise for the brain as during this course you are concentrating the brain, and as the bicep curls accumulates targets and hence protrudes the arm muscle, likewise concentration the entire energy onto the brain, is a good exercise for the brain, and can help yield better output from the brain comparatively, the only thing which is a concern is it being referred as to something which disconnects from the body and is in union (yoga, definitely not the physical twisting) in which the energy takes the front seat, quite similar to your taking off your dress and seeing your body, as before that it is only your dress which is visible and defining you, but as you soon as you take it off, its just a piece of linen but you still are there, like wise the energy which is being presented by you will take another form, which may be in different realm than the physical body. The above is the phase which is attained during meditation, but there is nothing which can be remotely being felt or experienced by the molecular body.



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