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Vedas and Science



There are many school of thoughts on how the religious practises are irrelevant in the present scenario of the society and its being as the change in the dynamics to then and now, this nature of thought has led people come up newer conceptualised methodologies, which has often been detrimental than beneficial to the human race. The author while writing this article doesn’t declares or certifies itself as the ultimate torch bearer and doesn’t leads its readers to the path of understanding, which it beholds, but would definitely urge its readers to go through the article with an open sense of mind, not with belief, either to endorse or criticise. Down in the article the author would be mentioning about why and what led it to be scribbling the thoughts and why it has been published. 

There are two facets to the concepts as laid in the vedas, one deals with the physical and societal well being of the individual and second is directed towards imbibing the bond between “my” and “self”, in here my denotes the physical body and the self is the invisible force/energy which drives the life in that physical body, this invisible but magnanimous force is called “THE SHIVA”. But deriving the concepts of the latter would be like outlaying the portrait without the canvas, resulting which the author submits the first facet, which is the physical and societal well being, and how the procedures and remedies, lead to accomplishing the desired things.

Lets kick start with the basics, the first thing when undertaking any religious procedural dictate is to visit the religious place, like temple for hindus, buddhists, mosque for muslims, church for christians, may it be for specific day or dates, but there is a definite underlining for it to be done. These religious places are not simple bricks and mortar structures but are engineering feat, which have been designed to absorb the energies from the atmosphere (which is there due to strong movement of ions) and disperse it within, so who all are present there will be able to receive them, which benefits the present individual(s)  as it helps stimulate the adrenal glands to release adrenaline which is responsible for various vital functioning and well being of the physical body, apart from adding a sense of confidence within the individual, thats why in hinduism, sikhism  and also in islam, there is procedure of washing ones feet, hands and face before entering as water is a great conductor of charge and current, which means the amount and effect of the energy received in the religious place increases manifolds, the temples or any religious place which the author is referring to is like a pyramid in its structure which has a tomb on its top, not the flats or rooms which have designated as religious place(s). The tomb of the temple is at 52 degrees and 51 minutes which is almost at the parity to the top point of the human skull, and at the 3/4 distance from the tomb is the statue (of the deity) kept in blessing mode and the metal or the material used to make these idols are also good conductors of charge, this hand posture is symbol when witnessed generates Oxytocin hormone, which is secreted by pituitary gland and is responsible for your passion about life and fellow habitants (either family or society) for there is feeling of solace and love within the person, that is why the procedure of entering this highly energised area moist and bare foot has been enshrined. There may be different experiences by different individuals, by varying structural behaviour of their dwelling energies, the evaluator evaluates the placement of Mars, Saturn, Uranus/Neptune and Jupiter is considered before suggesting as to how many days visiting temple is required for physical and/or societal (in monetary terms) well being of the person, apart from this the concept of bowing and touching the feet of the elders in Hinduism or hugging in islam, bowing in Buddhism and kissing the hand of priest in cathedral also generates Oxytocin, and this procedure to have activated energies within by no means should be taken as second to anything. The author feels it cardinal to mention, we both, the author and its readers, are pondering on the concepts of religion, which are targeting the societal well being and upliftment of the person, the spiritual path, is not a part of this discussion. 

Almost all of the religions have the concept of offerings, in which some eatables or clothes are meant to be offered to the people who are needy, who in return of the article shower accolades which generates dopamine within your system, which is responsible for your confidence build up, apart from dopamine this very act of generosity also makes the body release serotonin, as the feel of helping/sharing with the other being which one has earned, which is the reason for the author to be writing this article as it has done previously. The author would also like to draw this reason for why the religious masters deliver lectures or guide people, as by helping others there is help extended to the person too, who is helping, as the kind of reaction which the hippocampus part of the brain receives, elevates the energies of the person who is performing the act.  

There are prayers which combine a set of words or sounds which are to be recited/chanted in a definite pattern, as and when done within the defined parameters, these words/chants/hymns generate chemicals within the body which release progesterone which counters anxiety within the person. Along with progesterone, this procedure also generates thyroid hormones, which generate heat within the body to stimulate metabolism, this is one of the major reasons due to which individual suffering from malefic Saturn is suggested to recite or hear to specific set of mantras or hymns, as first thing which malefic Saturn does (in physical body) is to disturb the metabolism, and disintegrating from these mantras or hymns does leads the persons metabolic structure loose its natural behaviour, the same holds true with Mars, which when malefic results in brittle and rigid(very less flexibility) bones, adamant in nature, cynicism becomes integral part of personality, with Jupiter is inability to recollect the things, lack of will to undertake things which in simpler words can be said the person becomes escapist. 

The author as has already mentioned, may not be  the ultimate authority, but all what has been described is based on experience, would urge its readers to try to have a smiling face and life beaming eyes by inculcating these time tested methods, and experience for "realisation".




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