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Why Should "I" Meditate


There are several principles and dictates, varying upon the region language and other religious postulates, governing the well being of the person , right from the concepts of social well being (in terms of money and wealth) to undefined arena of “self”, which is devoid of reason of the reason of happiness but is always in a state of bliss, where there is no brawl of right or wrong or having issues like “me” and “him”, but is there. This “no” ”thing” in “so””me””thing” as experienced, is what the author tends to convey in the course of this write up, which isn’t there to give you a thought but instigate an enquiry within, bereft of thinking, nothing short of a free fall experience which has no base on which you may hit, where there is no up no down, which is somehow better known as “meditation”, but not “under” “stood”(which the author finds to be funny, as how is there a possibility of "standing" upto anything when one is "under" some perception. As standing means to have a different view, isn't it so?. In order to make it more familiar, the corollary of relating or comparing with “hunger” wont be completely wrong, as hunger is a feeling which can be felt but cant expressed in by the use any language, with a imperative the audience would have experienced the same feeling sometime in its life, right? Else the statement would be uncompassionate, for the one who never could realise what is that sense to suffice which, food is eaten....the author starts on the premise, there is hunger amongst its readers to realise what is it that it is searching and why that needs to unearthed

In its previous article, the author, had shared its  insights of how and what are contours of religious procedures and how they relevant even in scientific terms (keeping in purview the present stretch of the science) in the present topic it would be on “self”, the thing which is independent of any emotions or expression (body is just the expression of the self, valid not only of humans but for each and every living entity) and yet is “in” dependent from it, which can be distantly related to how the tail of the snake responds to any pressure even after it is dead (an example quoted in bodily terms ,explicitly), like wise the expressions of the self as described by the sensory body are dependent when the “inquiry” meets the “thought”. Like when you smile back to the person who has passed smile to you, the inquiry of the received smile is corresponded with your inquiry for the action, as the first reaction upon slipping is to look around is the inquiry and finding the reason for the fall is the “thought” which somehow justifies the fall, and hence satisfies the brain or the sensory body, that the problem is somewhere else, not within. Moving away from this “thought” is “inquiry” which is regal for meditation, as when there is inquiry and is destitute of thought (reason/result/object/subject, the author leaves the choice  which word to fill to its reader) the periphery of the body and energy is demolished is what meditation is. This meditation may or may not be as easy as it can be spoken or read, as since birth the demarcation of “me” and “him/her” has always been pivotal and prudent, and this cording off the boundaries may not be as simple as it may, and of course the “thought” of what is the gain if this achieved is not an attractive or alluring aspect, which would further discourage and disengage, so the more popular versions of concentrating exercises by which social well being can be enhanced have been rehashed as meditation and are promulgated, with the probable reason of the words "resonance" with the practitioner, and yeah it really sounds something beyond space. The author without having any “thought” of making it popular or a turning it into a “taboo” would like to state that there is nothing in social set up which you may gain, by having one”ness”, but definitely there would be a solace a bliss which would be bereft of any social gains and the author doesn’t feels itself to be a story teller who would narrate about its benefits when without the body, means after death, its not lackadaisical on anyones part, its how the things are taken in the allusion to society, and quite rightfully so, as its hard for anyone to plank itself on something which isn't in sight (cant be seen) but its significance/relevance can only be sensed....but isn't that true with covid 19 virus too, cant be seen (barring virologist) but its existence and significance is being felt by everyone, likewise it takes a certain and specific type of enhancements to go beyond sight and have vision. Before going further, lets see (the author doesn't refers to sight but to vision out here) how many can see the dust particles flowing in the air in your room?......but when the rays of the sun are allowed to seep in from the side of the curtains then that beam of sunlight highlights these dust particles, leading this we can deduce, there needs a special provisions to acknowledge the existence of thing which are beyond sight, right? Meditation is just one of those regimes in which the possibility is the only antecedent....interestingly.

Elaborating further on meditation, contemplating that there are readers along with the author, when approached with pre conceived idea or premeditated way, is not meditation but yes a very good concentration exercise which would help in keeping ones brain healthy. To dissolve oneself into energies and expand your provisioning from a thing in the entire to the entire thing, when there is no sound which is external and there is nothing which comes internally, are a few thing which you may experience during this stirring, depending upon the strength of the energies as reflected in your natal chart. The role of the guru/master in your quest is nothing more than role of teeth for having food, if you have them you can make the food article reach your stomach “faster” else the enzymes within your mouth would dissolve it anyway but it would just take longer before it would reach, nevertheless engaging the right types of teeth would be sovereign. 

Before concluding the article in which the author has tried to walk through its readers to realise what meditation is, and have a sense about how there is so much beyond the senses, would again reiterate, all this is wouldn't resound any sense, if the reader doesn't has the "hunger" to realise, that it is much much more than just this body, name, caste, creed/tribe.....    



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