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Why Yoga: Yog isn't for Defeated


Yoga, is the methodology by which the flow of the energy is reversed, the energy which naturally flows from high energy levels to low energy levels, this process of the flow is reversed by chakra yoga meditation. In this the energy which has flown from sahastradhara “the crown chakra” to the tail bone, the root chakra and rests there, is stimulated and the flow is reversed, the energy is stimulated in controlled manner and then the endeavour of replacing it back on the topmost part of the body is undertaken.

Why or what is the need to alter this flow of the energy? The reason for which this natural process is altered, is the energy which has flown from the brain to the tail of the spine is neutral in its charge, which means it isn’t designated or consistent with task of special nature, it will be used by the body to perform regular functions, like thinking, generating hunger and then digesting the consumed food, this use of the energy wasn’t satisfactory for few people, the sages, who decided to discover the ways to utilise the energy in some other things in addition or replacing (fasting as one of the common examples),it is quite similar to what would have a engineer would have felt by witnessing the water from the rivers going waste by just pouring into the sea, then came the need to build dams to generate electricity.

Yog, in its thrust is meant for the people who understand the prevailing capabilities/ capacity and are willing to undertake the endeavour of refining or redefining what is termed as destiny, a corollary, finding its mention in all the languages and regions. its like one realising that he isn't educated, and then undertaking the path to get educated, but the one who have taken their lacking as part of their fate/destiny, can never get educated, there are always something special about "achievers", as they are honest in their introspection to realise the lacking and they are strong to overcome them, these traits distinguish them from the "herd", there are similar kinds who have made their pains their "failures" as their "business cards", as they present these pains and failures to everyone, and hence believing these disparities are making space for them, these set of people aren't the right candidates, as they are either happy being "weak and poor" or are so naive, that they don't even recognise "their own selves".

Destiny can somewhat be rightfully associated with “predictions”, these predictions are like what you hear on your TV sets how the weather is gonna be for the next day, or what the doctor concludes post analysing your tests results and/or physical examination, but how to overcome that change in the weather to make the best for you in those circumstances is termed as “remedy”, the remedy to alter the prevailing energies to make the best for the individual is called “yog” in sanskrit.

The yog has two facets, one is the inner energy based which can be traced or found by concentrating and the second is the physical exercise (which came around in early 17 century) which works upon the essence of providing wellbeing to the physical body of the person. But as I have mentioned above too, any facet of this regime is meant only for the brave hearts who have the zeal and the will to enhance further, the people who have accepted their “shortcomings or defeats” as part of their “destiny” don’t really qualify to be right candidates for undertaking this, as for anything to go beyond the existing there has to be the flame the fixity, reflecting "yes....I can achieve this". This is the thing which makes the child learn how to balance itself on its feet and walk, people learn to swim and master the high waves of the sea and surf on them, even go beyond the atmosphere and step into the space....these all are fine examples of the people who aspired to go beyond.....


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